Windows Live Movie Maker 15.4.3555 Crack Free Download

Windows Live Movie Maker 15.4.3555 Crack is like having your movie studio. You are the director with Microsoft Movie Maker, whether you favor Hollywood or the independent sector. Add photographs and video from your computer or camera to Microsoft Movie Maker in a flash!

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Review of Windows Live Movie Maker
Windows Live Movie Maker is a significant improvement over its predecessor, Windows Movie Maker, and you can get it for free if you have Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8. The primary goal of this software is to make life easier for home video enthusiasts. We have an overabundance of images and movies these days since most of us own so much digital equipment. Getting them into a usable shape to share with friends and family via various social media platforms may be a royal pain at times. To be honest, the UI is a little hard to use, even though this is a really easy piece of editing equipment. The controls aren’t always in the most convenient location, and you may have to do some scrolling, which is a pain.


  • The editing suite is quite user-friendly, with thumbnails on a handy timeline making it simple to edit home movies even for complete beginners.


  • The primary disadvantage of this software is that you can only export in WMV Windows format, which will annoy certain customers.


The user interface isn’t flawless, but it’s only a minor niggle. Overall, assuming you can live with only exporting in WMV, Windows Movie Maker makes it a whole lot easier to upload movies to sites like YouTube, which is what it’s all about, right? Most importantly, it is a free video editing program. Yes, you may download and use Microsoft Movie Maker for free.

Description for Windows Live Movie Maker 15.4.3555

You can use Microsoft Windows Movie Maker to make, edit, and share home movies. With drag-and-drop capabilities, compile and modify a movie from video snippets. With ease, add special effects, music, and narration. Share your film on the internet or burn it to DVD media. You can also save your movie back to your camera’s DV tape. You are the director with Microsoft Movie Maker, whether you favor Hollywood or the independent sector.

Easily import photographs and video from your computer or camera into Movie Maker. Then fine-tune your film until it’s exactly as you want it. It’s up to you to shift things about, speed it up, or slow it down. Make your movie more interesting by adding audio and a theme. The Windows video creator automatically adds transitions and effects to your movie, making it look polished and professional. Once your film is complete, post it to Facebook, YouTube, or other social media and video sharing sites.

Making a movie with Movie Maker is completely free, but you’ll need some photos and videos on your computer. You can use your digital camera, a flash memory card, DVDs, or your mobile phone to import photographs and movies. You can make your movie seem exactly how you want it to by using the video editing options in Movie Maker. Using the audio editing features in Movie Maker, you may create a superb sound for your movie. By adding a soundtrack and using the editing capabilities to change the volume, fade music in or out, and more, your finished movie will feel polished and professional.

In Movie Maker, use AutoMovie themes to create a great-looking movie in only a few clicks. Simply choose your photographs, videos, and a theme, and the transitions and effects will be applied automatically. You can rapidly post your movie to major websites with Movie Maker and then share it with friends, family, or the entire world. Send a link to your movie to family and friends via email so they don’t miss out. Windows Movie Maker is free software that works with Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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