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Viber Crack allows you to send free messages and make free calls to other Viber users in any country, on any device and network. Viber syncs your contacts, messages, and call history with your mobile device, allowing you to start a discussion on your phone and continue it on your computer.

Viber 10 brings new UI and performance improvements - news

Review Of Viber

Viber Crack free internet calls have grown in popularity. And, while there are numerous tools that allow you to do so, choose which one to use might be difficult. But, of course, you choose the most feature-rich and lightweight program available. That is the feature of Viber that I enjoy the best. It’s cross-platform software, as I previously stated. Apart from Linux, Viber can be installed on practically any device that runs Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Nokia (Symbian), or Samsung Bada.

First and foremost, everything is cross-platform. Viber isn’t the only software that supports numerous platforms, but its features make it a complete, fast, and free communication app. It’s quick because it’s light, straightforward, and effective. While various applications may offer this or that functionality, Viber’s creators were able to combine the majority of the functions, or at least the most useful ones, into a single application. So you can make high-quality voice conversations, send a free text (even group messaging), send photos, and share your location with other Viber users. There is no need to register for any of these. The application will automatically discover your contacts who use Viber, and it works flawlessly on both 3G and WiFi connections. In any case, be aware that using 3G will use your data plan and may result in additional charges.

I was putting the Windows and Android versions through their paces. So, I wanted to test the Video Call capability between both platforms, which is now in beta. On Windows, I have the feature, which is tagged as beta, but it is not available on Android. So far, I’ve only been able to make phone calls across these platforms; however, the video call capability does not appear to be available on the mobile device. It’s also a little tough to share your location. You simply have a small purple arrow that, if activated, will communicate your position with the person you’re texting. You can open the location in Maps and use your GPS to get to the meeting point. Only available on mobile devices.

Because Viber will utilize your phone number as an identification for the desktop version of the program, you must first activate Viber on a mobile device before installing the Windows version. When you use the desktop version of Viber, you will be able to see all of your Viber contacts from your phone right away on your computer.


  • It’s light, efficient, allows you to send group texts, share your location, and offers excellent audio quality over a 3G connection.

App Cons:

  • It would be fantastic if all of the features were available across all platforms.


The software is excellent for making free phone calls. We all know how expensive international calls/messages are, so it’s a good and efficient way to talk with all of your friends from all over the world for free.

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