The Dude 6.48 Crack Latest Version Free Download

The Dude 6.48 Crack will automatically scan all devices within defined subnets, generate and layout a map of your networks, monitor device services, and notify you if any are down.

The Dude - network mapping and monitoring

Description for The Dude

Some of its features include:

  • Layout and finding of networks automatically
  • Discovers any gadget, regardless of type or brand.
  • The device, Link, and Notifications Monitoring
  • Supports custom icons and backgrounds, as well as SVG icons for devices.
  • Installation and use are simple.
  • You may create your own maps and add custom devices to them.
  • For devices that support it, it supports SNMP, ICMP, DNS, and TCP monitoring.
  • Monitoring and graphs of individual Link consumption
  • Direct access to device management tools via remote control
  • Remote Dude server and local client are both supported.
  • Runs in the Wine environment on Linux, Darwine on MacOS, and Windows.

The following are some of the built-in tools:

  • The Ping interface is launched when you press Ping. To determine if the host is responsive, it sends ICMP echo request packets.
  • The patch to the targeted device is determined by Traceroute using ICMP.
  • SNMP walk looks for information available over SNMP using the SNMP walk tool.
  • Scan
  • Winbox launches the Winbox software, which allows you to connect to RouterOS devices.
  • Opens a Winbox Terminal window to connect to the device’s command-line interface.
  • Connection via the internet allows you to connect to another device from the specified device using a variety of methods.
  • Torch displays extensive traffic details on a RouterOS router when Torch is launched.
  • Bandwidth Test launches the Bandwidth Test interface, which allows you to test the device’s available bandwidth speed.
  • The spectral scan takes advantage of RouterOS’s spectral scan feature to display a complete spectrogram of all available wireless networks.
  • Telnet establishes a connection using the Telnet protocol.
  • In your default web browser, web accesses the selected IP address.
  • A command line is opened when you use FTP. Connection to this IP through FTP
  • The dude establishes a connection with a Dude server.

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