SugarSync 1.9.81 Crack Free Download

SugarSync 1.9.81 Crack Download What if your hard disc fails? Have you dropped your device? Hacked? No worries: SugarSync backs up all of your digital files to the cloud in a safe and secure manner.

SugarSync Review - Why They Are The Best Business Cloud Storage

Thoughts on SugarSync
The term “cloud” is becoming increasingly common in our daily lives, and this online function is becoming increasingly popular. It’s simple to share, access your files from anywhere, and most importantly, it’s secure! I keep all of my key files there and no longer have to worry about my pc crashing. You can start with 5 GB of free space in the SugarSync Cloud, and you can get more by sending invitations to friends (send 20 invitations to get 2 GB extra for free), completing small tasks that teach you how to use the SugarSync application, and whenever one of your friends accepts the invitation, you gain 500MB, up to a maximum of 18 GB. Wow, that’s a lot of free space, a secure location to save all of your vital information!

Imagine being able to store a little less than 5 DVDs there and share whatever you want, with whomever you want, even if they don’t utilize SugarSync! The nicest aspect is that the program is cross-platform compatible. It runs on Windows (including Windows 8) and Mac, as well as Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian, and Windows Mobile. You can use it no matter what gadget you have!


  • Multiplatform, auto-sync for all files, a large amount of free space;

There are no drawbacks to this app.


Sugarsync is the greatest approach to keep all of your files accessible at all times. Most importantly, it is quite safe!

Description for SugarSync 1.9.81

What if your hard disc fails? Have you dropped your device? Hacked? No worries: SugarSync backs up all of your digital files to the cloud in a safe and secure manner. SugarSync’s backup is instantaneous and automatic, so you can always access the most recent version of your documents from any of your devices.

Your files, folders, and options are all up to you. SugarSync will automatically sync any or all of your folders and files to the cloud, as well as to all of your devices… wherever they are. No more dragging your belongings into some random “box.”

You get an urgent text three bites into lunch telling you to send that massive presentation right away? No worries, SugarSync is here to help. You can share your files instantaneously from your mobile phone or tablet if you have them in SugarSync. Bam. Done. Thanks to the Cloud, you can get back to your lunch.

SugarSync puts the cloud’s power in the palm of your hand. Any of your files and folders are accessible, viewable, and shareable from any of your mobile devices. When you’re on the move and remember you need something from your work computer, what do you do? You figured it out. Your Cloud follows you around everywhere you go.

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