Sony Vegas Pro 13.0.453 Crack Free Download

Sony Vegas Pro 13.0.453 Crack Download is a cutting-edge NLE that gives you total creative control. Advanced archiving techniques, precise audio metering, and the VEGAS Pro Connect mobile iPad companion software are among the new features.

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Review of Sony Vegas Pro
Sony Vegas Pro is a casualty of positioning rather than production. Its features operate properly, and there isn’t anything fundamentally wrong with it. The difficulty is that most consumers will fall into one of two camps: those who want the very best and those who want a good deal, and this product falls into neither.

The addition of 3D capabilities is a major selling point for Sony Vegas Pro. It provides a complete approach, allowing users to work with 2D video via a stereoscopic effect as well as footage from dedicated 3D cameras. There’s also a fantastic on-screen display system that you can quickly customize to meet your personal working style and the specific tools and clips you’re working with at any given time.

Overall, Sony Vegas Pro is aimed squarely at the professional market. Although there are some helpful interactive lessons, the sheer number of on-screen options is likely to be overwhelming for anyone who hasn’t edited to professional levels before.

With this in mind, expectations are certain to rise, and here is where Sony Vegas Pro begins to fall short. For example, there are relatively rare crashes that may be acceptable in consumer use but would be unacceptable in commercial settings. It’s also not as easy to use as certain industry-standard competitors, and it lacks a few capabilities that are accessible elsewhere. While purchasing this may save you money, it may be a false economy.


  • Extremely powerful tool with a user-friendly interface for professionals.


  • It’s too complicated for casual use, and it’s not quite complete enough for high-end use.


Worth a shot, but most people will be able to find a product that is more suited to their needs and price.

Description for Sony Vegas Pro 13.0.453

VEGAS Pro 13 is a cutting-edge NLE that gives you total creative control. Advanced archiving techniques, precise audio metering, and the VEGAS Pro Connect mobile iPad companion software are among the new features. DVD ArchitectTM Pro 6, Dolby® Digital Professional Encoder, and plug-in libraries from FXHOME, NewBlueFX, and iZotope® are all included with VEGASTM Pro 13. Drag-and-drop capabilities or classic 3-point and 4-point editing modes are available for SD, HD, 2K, and 4K footage.

With a fully adjustable workspace for completing a wide range of production activities, the VEGAS Pro 13 interface offers an astounding assortment of innovative tools and smart touches. VEGAS Pro projects can be nestled within the timeline, keyboard instructions can be customized and saved, and application scripting can be used to automate repetitive processes.

What’s New in Sony Vegas Pro Version 13.0.453?

  • Version 13.0 has a number of notable fixes and updates (Build 453)
  • When utilizing the Median or Min and Max video effects with an NVIDIA GPU, a flaw could cause the application to crash.
  • Vegas Pro 13 was unable to import XAVC-L files recorded by the PXW-X70 camera due to a bug.
  • The PXW-X180 camera was unable to play XAVC Long-GOP files rendered by Vegas Pro due to a problem.
  • The Wave Hammer Surround plug-in was running in Demo mode due to a bug. In Vegas Pro, the plug-in is now enabled.
  • Some MP4 video clips taken by GoPro Hero cameras have improved playback performance.

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