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Smart Driver Updater 3.6 Crack examines your computer and any linked hardware devices for outdated drivers and displays a list of them. Smart Driver Updater will then safely install each update on your PC with only one click.

Smart Driver Updater Review & Download Guide

Review of Smart Driver Updater
Smart Driver Updater Crack for each component under the hood or linked to your computer is one of the most critical aspects of any operating system. Having excellent drivers might make the difference between your PC performing properly, or not being able to utilize an attachment, peripheral, or the complete computer. This is especially crucial with newer operating systems because driver updates can arrive at any time. Versioning can become a problem at this stage because program and driver installs are infamous for leaving artifacts behind, and drivers can become outdated in some circumstances. This is why I like Smart Driver Updater so much. It assists you in locating and maintaining the most up-to-date drivers for your Windows PC.

Simply because a file is a driver file does not mean it is immune to errors and other types of file corruption that affect other Windows components. Drivers are updated as peripherals and accessories progress through their life cycles, and your copy might quickly become out of the current, and you may not even realize it. The majority of computer-connected devices lack auto-updaters. Installation methods might sometimes go awry, resulting in an update being deployed erroneously. Alternatively, other drivers may be updated, which may have an impact on the operation of another peripheral or accessory since they share a soft component. When anything like this happens, one, both, or both drivers – and devices – can be affected.

If the device or accessory isn’t broken, all you’ll need to do now is update the driver file(s) for any relevant accessories, and you’ll be good to go. Unfortunately, personally tracking out this information can be a huge pain. I’m speaking from personal experience. It’s a pain, especially if you’re trying to update drivers for multiple devices at the same time. Smart Driver Updater can help you out in this situation. Smart Driver Updater contains over 600,000 drivers in its database. The app’s database is updated and changed on a regular basis to ensure that the most recent driver updates are available. Smart Driver Updater ensures that you always get the most recent driver updates.

Having a Windows PC means you’re always a few months away from tearing it down and rebuilding it, especially if you’re someone like me who is always testing both software and hardware. Smart Driver Updater makes it incredibly easy to get back to where you were with all of your drivers if you ever have to wipe your hard drive and start over. It saves all of your drivers in a zip file that you can easily export, allowing you to quickly return to where you were.


  • Supports over 600,000 devices, runs on the majority of Windows versions and uses the most up-to-date drivers to ensure optimal performance.

App Cons:

  • According to the product website, it does not support Windows 8.


Smart Driver Updater isn’t a program with a lot of bells and whistles. Its no-nonsense, pragmatic approach to keeping your computer’s and peripheral’s drivers updated and current isn’t going to be the application you’ll want to launch every time you power up your PC… Unless it saves your bacon, that is. After that, you’re unlikely to want to use your computer without it.

The Scheduler feature of the program allows you to “set it and forget it.” Once you’ve launched the app, it will scan your drivers at startup or at a specific time during the week or month and notify you of any updates that are required. Putting that in place should be part of EVERY Windows PC’s boot procedure to ensure that your computer is always performing at its best.

Description for Smart Driver Updater 3.6

Smart Driver Updater uses the most up-to-date automatic driver update technology to make managing drivers simple for even the most inexperienced computer users. Smart Driver Updater will search your complete computer and any related hardware devices with just one click and offer appropriate driver upgrades. Thousands of product drivers are regularly updated in the program’s enormous driver database, guaranteeing that customers only download the most up-to-date drivers. Networks, printers, displays, keyboards, mice, modems, digital cameras, sound cards, and video cards are all examples of product drivers.

Smart Driver Updater will help you through updating, backing up, restoring, and uninstalling drivers in simple steps. Your PC and hardware can display greater speed, stability, performance, and new features when your drivers are properly handled. Hardware manufacturers are constantly updating their devices, and many driver updates are frequently released each year. You’ll never have to worry about outdated drivers again if you use Smart Driver Updater’s scheduling option to run automatic scans on a daily or weekly basis.

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