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QuickTime 7.7.9 Crack transmits live or pre-recorded video and audio to an audience of any size using the QuickTime family of digital media creation, distribution, and playback applications.

How to get Quicktime pro for free ( mac & pc ) - video Dailymotion

Thoughts on QuickTime
With this must-have, multi-platform program, you can play any type of media, even iTunes DRM’ed media. I’m an iTunes addict. I openly confess it. I have an iPhone and an iPad, both of which I adore. Apple has incorporated its media into the majority, if not all, of its ecosystem, which is probably the main reason I prefer its QuickTime program. It’s a media player that works across multiple platforms. QuickTime may be used to play any type of media. It allows you to watch videos from your digital camera or smartphone. You can use it to watch a movie on your Mac or PC or a website’s media clip. It’s a high-end media player.

QuickTime Player offers a simple, uncomplicated interface that doesn’t distract from your viewing experience. Moving a slider to the left or right in the program window allows you to quickly navigate through long videos. You may also adjust the speed at which the media plays using a simple slider that allows you to adjust playing from 1/2 to 3 times the standard speed. You may also easily look through individual frames of a movie.

QuickTime supports H.264, an innovative video compression technology that uses less bandwidth and requires less storage on your PC to provide stunning, sharp HD video. QuickTime allows you to convert files to other formats as well as record and edit your work. You may use QuickTime to stream your movies via the Internet and it supports third-party plug-ins that extend its technology in a variety of ways.


  • It’s free, and it works on both Windows and Macs.


  • Advanced functions necessitate the purchase of QuickTime Pro.


QuickTime is incorporated into practically everything on the Mac side of the planet. While you may watch movies directly in iTunes, if you prefer, you can navigate to the desired video and open it in QuickTime, float the window on top of everything, and move it anywhere on your monitor. I do this all the time to watch movies while working. On the Windows side, things are a little different because WMP normally takes care of most video chores, however, iTunes for Windows does require QuickTime.

This is a must-have multimedia component in my opinion, and since it’s free, it’s a no-brainer to include it in your multimedia toolbox.

Description for QuickTime 7.7.9

QuickTime is one of the most popular multimedia players for your computer. It comes with numerous components, including a browser plug-in and a desktop player with a great Mac-like UI. The majority of QuickTime videos you’ll find on the web may be played directly in your browser. You may, however, prefer to download files on your own, which is where the player comes in. It will open and execute a wide range of multimedia in addition to the conventional MOV file format. AVI, BMP, GIFF, JPG, Macromedia Flash, Adobe PhotoShop, and a slew of more formats are among them. Yes, it will play your MP3s, in case you were wondering. QuickTime’s new music synthesizer supports DLS files and SoundFonts for fuller audio, and it now supports “media skins.” It also supports MPEG-1 playback on your computer and over the Internet. The application includes a new digital video codec as well as Flash 4 functionality.

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