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Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Crack gives the user more power than any other football game, allowing them to maneuver players into risky places during set pieces or control a second player to create space.

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Review of Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

Pro Evolution Soccer Crack is hard to discuss Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 without also discussing FIFA 12: the two games have a long-running rivalry that rivals any local derby. Which is better is a matter of personal preference, although PES is certainly competitive. In terms of the PES career mode, it’s definitely improved in the 2012 edition. There’s now a comprehensive cutscene package that, while tacky, is more fascinating than FIFA’s endless text panels.

The biggest advantage of FIFA isn’t, as you might expect, the usage of legitimately licensed players: if that’s a huge concern to you and you don’t mind a little technological fiddliness, you can apply unofficial tweaks to PES to put in the genuine names, and PES already has the European competitions. No, the fundamental difference is that FIFA is better for career modes for many players, while PES is more entertaining for on-the-field gaming.

Simply put, PES feels more real than a sequence of predictable animations: it’s as if you’re playing or watching an actual game, complete with unforeseen moments and momentum shifts. It also does a far better job of conveying the notion that even if you’re totally outmatched, there’s always the possibility of snatching a late winner by staging a beautiful moment. From a technological sense, the PC version of the 2012 edition is vastly improved: even PCs that struggled with the previous year’s version should be able to run it without any irritating glitches or freezes.


  • The game has a more “pick up and play” feel than previous PES iterations; career modes give a new dimension.


  • The sound is still a touch bland, and the referees are too harsh.


While it may not win over FIFA aficionados, it is a fantastic blend of realism and enjoyment.

Description for Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

With all-new AI components and off-the-ball control, PES 2012 allows the user more power than any other football game, allowing them to send players into risky locations during set pieces, or control a second player to create space or make runs with the new Teammate Control system.

Similarly, the Active AI technology in PES 2012 allows players to slip into space, lure defenders out of position, and make diagonal runs just like in real matches. This results in a game that flows and moves like a professional game, as well as the defense-splitting passes and spectacular attacks that have propelled Cristiano Ronaldo to the peak of his career.

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