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PrimoPDF Crack is the most popular free web application for making 100% industry-standard PDF files. Converting files to PDF has never been easier, and it’s free of intrusive advertising!

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Review Of PrimoPDF

PrimoPDF Crack stands for Portable Document Format, and it is a file format developed by Adobe in 1993. The purpose of this file format is to ensure that a document looks the same regardless of the user’s hardware, operating system, or software. In other words, regardless of the technical environment, the content must look and behave the same. Wouldn’t it be great to have a simple and free solution to create PDF files from any application? PrimoPDF can help you with that! It’s simple to set up and much simpler to use. Of course, there’s always Adobe, but PrimoPDF is more user-friendly and is completely free. In fact, PrimoPDF may have more capabilities than the average user will ever utilize.

Take a peek at what PrimoPDF can do for you To begin, it is straightforward to install; once you have downloaded the installer, a simple setup wizard will walk you through the process; just make sure you have administrative capabilities. PrimoPDF works similarly to other similar programs in that it creates a virtual printer called “PrimoPDF” that appears in the Control Panel’s “Devices and Printers” section. So, if you want to create a PDF file, all you have to do is print from your program to that specific printer, and a dialogue box will open, allowing you to select various security and quality settings for your PDF file.

PrimoPDF, in a nutshell, can make PDF files from over 300 different file kinds, ranging from “basic” Microsoft Word to Photoshop and AutoCAD. The content of any program that can send a document to the PrimoPDF virtual printer will be saved as a PDF file. Another great feature is that you may utilize the resulting PDF file for a variety of purposes, including online viewing, eBooks, office printing, and pre-press. This means you can choose the quality level without having to deal with any technical issues. Another handy feature is the option to password-protect your PDF file and limit the ability to copy from or print the PDF file you’re working on.


  • PrimoPDF is free and compatible with almost any application, allowing you to create PDF files from virtually any information. You may also alter the PDF Document Properties and PDF Security with ease.


To summarise, PrimoPDF is a free, easy-to-install, easy-to-use PDF creator that works with Windows 7 and Vista. It’s definitely the greatest free alternative to expensive PDF creators, so get some documents ready and give it a shot!

Description for PrimoPDF

PrimoPDF is the most popular free web application for making 100% industry-standard PDF files. Converting files to PDF has never been easier, and it’s free of intrusive advertising! Create PDF files from more than 300 different file kinds. Create PDF files for a variety of purposes, such as online reading, eBooks, office printing, and prepress (high-end printing). After the PDF files have been converted, combine them. Passwords should be used to secure documents, and document information should be added (title, author, etc.)

PrimoPDF has the following characteristics, according to its documentation:

  • Creating PDFs in a consistent manner. To produce the same type of PDF file every time, use PrimoPDF’s creation profiles. Screen, eBook, Print, Prepress, and Custom profiles are available.
  • Add PDF files to the mix. Combine all of the freshly formed PDF files into a single document.
  • PDF encryption. With powerful password-based PDF security, you can protect and encrypt your data.
  • Metadata for PDF files. To index your PDF files and make them easier to search, fill in the document properties information fields, such as author, title, subject, and keywords.
  • PDF versions are available. Create PDF files with multiple versions: 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, and 1.5.

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