i-Funbox 2.6 Crack Latest Version Free Download

i-Funbox 2.6 Crack is a free file manager, app installer, and mod toolkit for iDevices (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch).

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Review Of i-Funbox

iFunbox Crack gives you complete control over your iDevice’s file system. It allows you to handle files on your iPhone or iPad in the same way that Windows File Explorer does. With the app’s improved file transfer and browsing, you can simply move files and folders to your computer. IFunbox now works with iOS 6. x and Asian/Long filenames. With this useful Windows tool, you can take command of your iDevice’s file system.

Apple has always advocated for letting the operating system and the device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) decide where data go. Many Apple supporters wonder why it matters where the computer stores data as long as it’s 1. backed up and 2. accessible to my programs. Coming from a DOS background, the Windows Camp is the polar opposite. Serious Windows users need near-total control over their data’s location and organization. This is one of the reasons why iFunbox will appeal to many Windows users. It’s an iDevice application for Windows computers.

You can install and backup all of your apps. This is especially useful if you wish to install a custom program, such as something for business that is unsigned. You can also get into an app’s sandbox, which gives you access to documents created by the app as well as the ability to upload music and video to third-party players. You can also export content that has been controlled by iTunes. The best thing is that utilizing the app does not necessitate the installation of iTunes.


  • It’s free, you can manage your stuff on your iPhone or iPad without using iTunes, and it’s not necessary to use iTunes.

App Cons:

  • For beginner users, access to the file system is not recommended.


iFunbox’s secret sauce is that it transforms your iDevice into a USB storage drive. You have immediate access to the storage you require, as well as all of the other advantages. This is a fantastic program, and the fact that it’s free doesn’t require a jailbreak and doesn’t require iTunes makes it a must-have for just about any iDevice owner. However, novice users should exercise caution because the average user isn’t supposed to have direct access to the file system, and you might accidentally move or delete something you shouldn’t.

Description for i-Funbox 2.6

iFunBox, often known as i-FunBox, is an iPhone/iPad file organizer that allows you to move and manage files and directories on iOS. Total command over your iPhone or iPad’s file system Manage files on your iPhone or iPad in a similar way to Windows File Explorer, but with more features and a more user-friendly interface. With the improved file transfer and browsing, you can easily move files and folders to your computer. The latest version of iOS, iOS 4.0, is now fully supported.

Install and backup apps all in one place

With.IPA packages, you may install apps safely on your iPhone or iPad. Installing bought apps does not necessitate a jailbreak. Support for installing unofficial/unsigned.IPA via AppSync without the need for. Backup and reinstall apps by converting them back to.IPA packages. Easily uninstall and install programs in bulk.

How to Use i-Funbox Crack?

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