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EasyBCD Crack the new bootloader in Windows Vista allows users far more control over the boot loading process, but it’s nearly hard to use. EasyBCD is a sophisticated graphical user interface for modifying the Windows Vista bootloader and its entries.

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Description for EasyBCD

EasyBCD Crack is a utility that allows users to add, remove, change, and configure entries in the normally difficult to tweak Windows Vista boot loader. It allows users to do things like add Vista and Legacy based entries to the boot loader, back up and restore boot loader settings, disables x64 Edition driver checks, limits the amount of physical memory and/or processors available to Windows Vista, recovers a fried Master Boot Record, and regain access to a fried Master Boot Record. The new bootloader in Windows Vista allows users far more control over the boot loading process, but it’s nearly hard to use. EasyBCD is a sophisticated graphical user interface that allows you to easily edit the Windows Vista bootloader and its entries with only a few mouse clicks.

What’s New in EasyBCD Version

  • Add a switch to enable or disable the metro bootloader.
  • Standalone FreeDOS support is now available.
  • BCD Deployment to USB on EFI Installations is now available.
  • When a USB device is connected or disconnected, the list of drives is dynamically updated.
  • RTL support has been added to the EasyBCD UI for localizations that require it.
  • Sign uninstall for Windows app compatibility is now available.
  • When in expert mode, only show system EFI entries.
  • When communicating with the update server, use HTTPS.
  • User settings are saved across revisions.
  • A new setup icon has been added.
  • The bootloader configuration now includes a locale setting option.
  • Set the boot mgr locale as the default locale for new entries.
  • Compatibility with screen reader software has been improved.
  • If there is no boot grabber boot partition, a crash occurs when editing legacy menu entries.
  • Silent crashes/failures while producing bootable USBs on PCs with an unmounted boot partition have been resolved.
  • When attempting to build a bootable USB in circumstances where BCD preparation was inadequate, a silent crash occurred.
  • On EFI machines, it is no longer possible to deploy BCD to an external USB drive.
  • Winload path EFI detection is case-sensitive
  • If Segoe UI or Consolas is not available, EasyBCD does not use fallback fonts.
  • On upgrade/install, close any existing EasyBCD instances.
  • EasyBCD crashes when the settings file is invalid, corrupt, or incompatible.
  • EasyBCD was stuck in EFI mode and had to be uninstalled (even when selecting non-EFI BCD)
  • After a change, the timeout does not refresh in the summary.
  • When moving from “skip” to “count down,” the timeout counter was sometimes disabled.
  • EasyBCD detects locales based on the case.
  • BootGrabber does not recognize 64-bit Windows XP/2003 from within itself, which has been fixed.
  • In mixed EFI/MBR settings, better support for manufacturing bootable USBs is now available.
  • After updating choices, refresh BCD to reflect the changes.
  • Remove the one-click download of iReboot.
  • Prettify fonts for all form controls in a recursive manner.
  • Instead of Calibri, Segoe UI will be the default main UI display.
  • Only if the locale has been set/changed should the localization dialogue be restarted.
  • To Useful Utilities, add Easy USB Creator.
  • To Useful Utilities, add OEM Product Key Tool.
  • Include a link to the software’s localization thread.
  • Wherever possible, replace particular Windows version numbers with generic phrasing.

How to Use EasyBCD Crack?

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