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DreamScene Seven 1.7 Crack folks will recall that Vista had a useful feature called DreamScene. It allows you to use it. video wallpaper as a desktop background. In order to reveal the possibility of using this function once more.

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Review Of DreamScene Seven

DreamScene Seven Crack has Windows 7 and is tired of your static desktop and long for the good old days of Vista, when you could readily access animated wallpaper, Dream Scene Seven might be the answer. This is a small program that you can download for free. Then you have a rather large selection of moving wallpaper to choose from.


  • It will just cost you the cost of some memory, and then you will be able to enjoy beautiful photographs.


  • Downloading and installing it can be a little tricky.


You can enjoy a little Vista nostalgia while also avoiding screen burning. Dream Scene Seven is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, and 7. If you can put up with a couple of small installation glitches, it’s free and a lot of fun.

Description for DreamScene Seven 1.7

Many people are likely to recall that some versions of Windows Vista included a useful feature called DreamScene. It allows you to use.wmv or.mpeg video wallpaper as a desktop background. Instead, Windows 7 features a slide display of wallpapers. DreamScene, on the other hand, has not vanished; it has simply been deactivated and concealed deep within a system. Try using the common utility DreamScene Seven to reveal the ability to use this function again. It is important to launch the program with administrative privileges after it has been downloaded (right button click is the run as Administrator).

Then you must choose the Install DreamScene option. In the Video File Context Menu, a new item Set as Desktop Background will appear, allowing it to be set as a desktop background. So all that’s left is to go to the DreamScene collection and pick an appropriate video clip for your desktop; there’s a lot to choose from, with over a hundred different scenes to choose from. With the foreseen moans of ascetics, I’d like to conclude that DreamScene has profited nothing but wasted system resources. On the other hand, if processor throughput continues to rise year after year, why not fill it with something? Furthermore, if a window takes up the entire screen (or if a game is running), the movie will not be replayed, and system resources will not be wasted.

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