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C-Free 5.0 Crack Download An good Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the C/C++ programming language, allowing you to freely modify, develop, execute, and debug your code.

C-Free Home - A Professional C/C++ IDE

Description for C-Free

C-Free is a multi-compiler-supported professional C/C++ integrated development environment (IDE). This software allows users to freely edit, construct, run, and debug programs. Although C-Free is a lightweight C/C++ development tool with a C/C++ source parser, it offers significant capabilities that will allow you to utilize it in your project.

Among the features are:

Multiplier compilers should be supported. Apart from MinGW, the following compilers are now supported:

  • MinGW 2.95/3.x/4.x/5.0 MinGW 2.95/3.x/4.x/5.0 MinGW 2.95/3.x/4
  • Cygwin
  • Compiler for C++ by Borland
  • It is for Microsoft C++
  • Compiler for Intel C++
  • LCC-Win32 (LCC-Win32)
  • Run the Watcom C/C++ compiler.
  • C/C++ Digital Mars
  • Ch Translator

An improved syntax highlighter for C/C++. (For example, highlight Function, Data Type, and Constant);

  • Improved Smart Input
  • More project kinds are supported through a customizable project creation wizard.
  • Utility for quickly discovering code (Jump to declaration, definition);
  • Completion of codes and code parameters;
  • Make a list of all program symbols;
  • Applications that can be customized:
  • Shortcuts that can be customized;
  • External Tools that can be customized;
  • Help that can be customized (Windows help, HTML Help, and Web help);
  • Color Print (print with syntax highlighted);
  • When debugging, show the console window;
  • Project Converter (converts a project into a C-Free format);

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