Bitlord 2.4.3 Crack Latest Version Free Download

Bitlord 2.4.3 Crack is a peer-to-peer file-sharing tool that is fully compatible with torrent files, one of the most popular peer-to-peer protocols for high-speed file distribution of 100MB or GB-sized files.

Download BitLord v1.2 (freeware) - AfterDawn: Software downloads

Review Of Bitlord
BitLord is a simple yet effective way to use torrents: a kind of file sharing in which files are split into many small parts and then reassembled on your computer (think Mike TeeVee from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!) The beauty of it is that you can obtain different portions from different sharers, which makes the whole process go more smoothly.

There are a lot of torrent management apps out there, but BitLord does an excellent job of keeping things simple while still allowing you to have as much control as you want. The built-in search engine, which saves you from having to browse through innumerable websites, is the most useful feature for people new to torrenting. There’s also a helpful grading system to ensure that the downloads are exactly what they say they are.

BitLord, unlike some other torrent clients, has a function called clever hashing. That implies that if you close or pause the application, you can return later and resume downloading without having to go through a time-consuming file verification process. BitLord’s only serious flaw in comparison to other software has nothing to do with torrenting: there are a couple of connections to online gaming and adult video chat services that may be offensive. However, they are not intrusive, and you are not obligated to use the links!


  • easy to set up and operate, with a large range of settings for advanced users;


  • Some users may be offended by adult websites; The arrangement of the interface could be made a little clearer and more intuitive;


One of the most popular torrent clients is still in use, and for good reason: it’s great for both beginners and specialists.

Description for Bitlord

BitLord is written in.Net, and it’s as professional as any other app. Very tidy, well-organized, and has plenty of useful alternatives.

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