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Ammyy Admin 3.6 Crack is a free remote desktop sharing and PC remote control application that may be used for remote administration, remote office setup, remote help, or remote education. It’s free to use for non-commercial purposes.

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Review by Ammyy Admin
With this fantastic remote control app for Windows, you can take control of a distant PC. All day, every day, I spend my time working with computers. Most of you who visit Soft32 is aware of this. I realize I probably bring it up far too frequently. When you work with computers as frequently as I do, though, you often find yourself with a variety of wants and reasons to connect to one or more PCs on a local or remote network. You’ll need Ammyy Admin for that. It’s a Windows remote control app.

You can take control of a desktop PC using remote desktop software. Ammyy Admin does this, and it’s very cool. It can be used for remote administration, setting up a virtual office, or providing remote support. Ammyy Admin allows you to connect to a distant PC over the internet, bypassing firewalls and NAT issues. You can interact with faraway PCs as if you were in front of them. Ammyy Admin uses powerful AES and RSA encryption for each remote session to keep all of your data and actions safe and confidential.

Ammyy Admin is a dependable, trustworthy, and cost-effective service provider. One of the best features is that it doesn’t require any installation or administrative privileges to utilize. After starting the software, the remote desktop is available in a matter of seconds.

Pros of the app:

  • It’s free, safe, and simple to use.


  • There are no drawbacks to this app.


Ammyy Admin is a really simple and useful piece of software. Controlling a PC you don’t have physical access to can be a great plus and benefit, especially if you need to provide support or advice to those who need it. Apps like these have the potential to make or break my ability to aid friends and family while also doing my job.

The most important thing to note is that the software does not require any installation to utilize. Install it on your computer and get going. That is all there is to it. You receive a safe, quick, and simple solution to control a remote PC that works over NAT and firewalls. It also includes built-in voice chat and a file manager, allowing you to grab files and communicate with friends and family while attempting to assist them. Ammyy Admin provides a fantastic service at a reasonable price. Simply put, the software is a success.

Description: Ammyy Admin 3.6

Ammyy Admin is a free remote desktop sharing and PC remote control application that may be used for remote administration, remote office setup, remote help, or remote education. It allows you to quickly connect to a remote PC over the Internet without having to deal with firewalls or NAT, and work with it as if you were sitting right in front of it. Ammyy Admin employs a sophisticated encryption method. It offers top-notch data security.

Ammyy Admin is a dependable, trustworthy, and economical remote support, administration, remote desktop sharing, and distance education program that can be used from anywhere on the planet. It does not necessitate any installation or configuration changes. After Ammyy Admin has been started, the remote desktop is available for work in a matter of seconds. Ammyy Admin’s main advantages are its ease of use, high level of data transfer security, extensive feature set, and affordability for a wide variety of private and business users.

Because Ammyy Admin is transparent to firewalls, you won’t have to make any further changes to your firewall or VPN connection settings, putting your local PCs or remote network in danger of a security issue. Without port mapping, you can simply access remote desktops of computers behind NAT firewalls. The interface of Ammyy Admin is very user-friendly. It’s easy to use and can be managed by both seasoned and novice PC users.

Ammyy Admin can also be used to control remote PCs and servers without requiring a human presence on the client-side. Using the bundled Ammyy Admin Service for remote desktop sharing, Ammyy Admin makes it simple to control the remote desktop of unattended PCs, restart them, log in/out, change users, and so on. All remote desktop interactions, including display pictures, mouse, keyboard, and files sent between local and remote PCs, are encrypted using the industry-standard security algorithms AES and RSA, which use unique keys for each session.

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